Dame Mbodj : Statement regarding Ousmane TOUNKARA’s arrest in USA.

Civil Rights Coalition in Senegal Dakar, March 21, 2021.

To the US Immigration Judges and To Whom It May Concern .

My name is Dame MBODJI, Union and Civil Rights Leader in Dakar, Senegal. I am providing my statement to call the US Government and Immigration Authorities not to deport Ousmane Tounkara to Senegal.

The Senegalese government is accustomed to labeling its critics as terrorists. Ousmane TOUNKARA is NOT a terrorist, but a great and committed citizen of Senegal. Once again, the Senegalese authorities are manipulating the international community by using the terrorism argument as they did in the case of Assane DIOUF, another civil rights activist.

In 2017 Assane DIOUF was accused of being a terrorist by the Senegalese government and ultimately deported from the United States. He was detained and released several times in Dakar on very light grounds. As I am writing my statement he is in a prison in Dakar without cause. Like Tounkara, he too became a voice against President SALL’s regime and its mishandling of the country’s resources.

As a result, I urge the US government not to extradite Ousmane Tounkara as his life will be jeopardized in Senegal. If he is deported, he will, for sure, be detained and very likely be illtreated. He will be in serious trouble once in Senegal, for the judiciary branch is totally under the President’s control. Please do not hand him over to this dictatorial regime, which recently turned a blind eye on the death of more than ten innocent civilians during peaceful demonstrations throughout the country.

Yours respectfully, Dame MBODJI Union and Civil Rights Leader in Dakar, Senegal. cusemsauthentique@gmail.com Office: (221) 338341665 Cell: (221) 775731808

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